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The all-encompassing 3D printer resin product line.

12 high-grade materials with 21 different shades for DLP printers with a wavelength of 385 nm.

We’re happy that you’re here. You are going to be pleased. Because here at SCHEU we do everything possible to ensure that your daily work with CAD/CAM and with your 3D printer reliably produce top quality results for you. To this end, with IMPRIMO® 3D printer resins we have assembled one of the most comprehensive product lines for every application: 12 high-grade materials with 21 different shades. Made with top “Made in Germany” quality. In addition, you can expect first-rate service from us. Our consultants are here to help you with all inquiries pertaining to our IMPRIMO® product line and to 3D printing.

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For working models, study models and die models.

These photopolymerisable and photosensitive plastic resins are perfectly suited for solid or hollow models, e.g. with removable dies. Available in ivory, grey and beige.

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For bite splints and drilling templates.

IMPRIMO® LC Splint is well suited for the fabrication of transparent occlusal splints and surgical drilling guides. Thanks to curing at a wavelength of 385 nm, the material transparency is preserved.

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IMPRIMO® LC Splint flex.
For splints, high-precision, transparent occlusal splints as well as for bruxism and lower jaw protrusion splints.

IMPRIMO® LC Splint flex is indicated for production of various kinds of splints, such as for example occlusal splints or bruxism splints. The cured material is characterized by a high degree of flexibility thanks to the thermoactive memory effect.

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IMPRIMO® LC Impression.
For bases and function trays.

The bases and function trays produced with IMPRIMO® LC Impression guarantee a precise impression and are biocompatible for patients. The high material stability ensures that the taking of impressions is free of distortions.

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For objects for the casting technique.

IMPRIMO® LC Cast is intended for the impression of objects using precision casting technology. The material burns residue-free. It allows for a non-porous and precise surface. Complex structures can also be easily embedded.

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For transfer masks using the indirect bonding technique.

IMPRIMO® LC IBT is used for the fabrication of bracket transfer masks using the indirect bonding technique. The positioning of brackets can be optimally controlled thanks to the material’s transparency. The transfer masks can be disinfected.

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IMPRIMO® LC Gingiva.
For gingival masks.

With IMPRIMO® LC Gingiva you can fabricate flexible gingival masks for highly precise implantations. This material allows for high precision and aesthetics, especially for restorations in the anterior zone. The colour of the gingiva appears very natural; the material offers flexibility resembling that of the gingiva.

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For temporary restorations, provisional crowns, bridges and mock-ups.

IMPRIMO® LC Temp is tailor-made for temporary restorations in the anterior zone. Available in the shades VITA classical A1, A2, and A3. The material exhibits high abrasion resistance and tensile strength. The surface of the cured material can be easily polished.

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IMPRIMO® LC Temp lt.
For long-term provisional restorations such as crowns, bridges and mock-ups.

With IMPRIMO® LC Temp It you can fabricate reliable, long-term provisional restorations for the anterior and posterior zones. It is available in the shades VITA classical A1, A2 and A3. The material exhibits high abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

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For the functional try-in of digitally designed denture bases.

IMPRIMO® LC Try-In is perfectly well-suited as a base material for the functional try-in of digitally fabricated denture bases. It is available in the shades VITA classical A1, A2 and A3. With this material you can perform generative fabrication of dental moulded items such as denture bases with individual tooth positions, for a functional try-in for bite registrations and occlusion evaluations.

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IMPRIMO® LC Denture.
For denture bases.

With IMPRIMO® LC Denture, precise denture bases can be fabricated. The material satisfies all dental requirements pursuant to DIN standard ISO 20795-1:2013 in terms of water absorption and water solubility. It is available in the shades orange pink, light pink and deep pink.

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For appliances for oral and maxillofacial surgery.

With IMPRIMO® LC MJF you can fabricate appliances for oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology, bio- and haemocompatible.

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Our IMPRIMO® System brochure.

Calmly and comfortably take another look at our IMPRIMO® 3D printer resins. Discover the entire system that stands behind IMPRIMO®: With materials, 3D printers and service, for generative fabrication.

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The guest book at the SCHEU Alles-Mach-Bar:

„Thanks to the precision of the 3D printing, it is possible for us to fully dispense with conventional impressions, even when scanning for preparations and planning models. In addition, the printed models are very stable for milling models and for the thermoforming of splints!”

Dr. med. dent. Matthias Nagengast, Dentist,
Dental Practice Dr. Nagengast, Bamberg/Germany

„Due to its easy handling and very precise results, your 3D printer is an important part of our digital workflow for the fabrication of model casts and models.”

Albert Köberlin,
Köberlin Dental Technology, Pegnitz/Germany

„It is a very smart and easy to use system that has been a straightforward integration to the lab, thanks to exellent support from SCHEU-DENTAL. The diversity of materials gives us the possibility to provide a wide range of restaurations to our customers.”

Toni Uski, Dental Technician and Lab Owner,
Tulo Tandteknik, Täby/Sweden

„It’s a pleasure working with you.”

Antoine Bassil, Dental Technician and Lab Owner,
Straight Arch Orthodontic, Laboratory, Beirut / Lebanon

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